• Google Brings eBookstore to the iPhone Today

    Google has finally heralded the grand opening of its much awaited eBookstore. Calling today "the first page in a new chapter of our mission to improve access to the cultural and educational treasures we know as books," Google is officially taking aim at a fragmented publishing market presently dominated by your dwindling bookstore chains and a host of electronic eReaders, like Amazon's Kindle and the iPad.

    Hitting the ground running, Google's new eBookstore debuts with a reader's menu of more than three million titles. Where Google is looking to really shine is in the fact that the online search giant designed Google eBooks to be "open." That is, there will be no shortage of devices compatible with Google eBooks. Consequently, you can buy, store and read Google eBooks in the cloud. And based on Google's policy of "inclusion," the clouds will be full of content. Helping drive the swelling growth of the eBookstore's inventory is Google's emerging relationship with "independent booksellers," a situation that will ensure smaller publishers and publishing houses aren't completely overshadowed by the big boys and girls in print.

    Not surprisingly, Google is simultaneously rolling out an iOS app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users so that Apple customers can access the new Google eBookstore at will. As of this writing, however, the app hasn't yet been given the green light for entry into the App Store.

    If you're wondering, titles in the Google eBookstore are priced comparably to those found in Apple's iBookstore. To read more about the launch of Google's eBookstore, check out the company's formal announcement this morning on the official Google blog.

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