• Pebble Announces a Steel Version of the Pebble Time Smartwatch and "Smartstraps"

    Pebble recently announced a steel version of its upcoming Pebble Time smartwatch alongside a new expandable accessory port called the “smartstrap” which adds functions such as GPS and heart rate monitoring. As one might expect, the Pebble Time Steel will be touting a larger price tag with a $70 increase over the plastic version. It is currently being sold for $250 to early adopters on Kickstarter and will be set to be sold for $299 when it becomes available at retail.

    The recently unveiled model features a larger battery that offers up to 10 days of uptime. It’s encased in CNC-finished 316L stainless steel and comes with a premium leather and stainless steel strap. The steel version of the Pebble Time will come in silver with a stone leather band, gunmetal black with a black leather band and gold with a red leather band.

    As of right now, existing Pebble Time backers can upgrade to the steel model if they want to by changing their pledge amount. The Pebble Time Steel is expected to start shipping in July. The company also announced details on its new “smartstraps” for the upcoming Pebble Time series. This open platform will allow accessory makers to build extensions for the Pebble that add functionality not built into the base models such as GPS or heart rate monitoring.

    It should be noted that the smartstrap power contact is bi-directional which means that developers will be able to create accessories that either provide power to the Pebble or receive power from the Watch. The power draw made to an accessory cannot exceed 20mA. Furthermore, APIs to interact with smartstraps aren’t part of the developer preview yet but the company said that they will be made public several months prior to the release of the Pebble Time allowing developers to utilize the functionality.

    We’ll have to see how the Pebble Time fairs against the Apple Watch as the two will go head to head in the near future. Are you going to be getting a smart watch? If so, which one are you leaning towards?

    Source: Kickstarter
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      peacedog -
      The steel watchband reminds me of this classic Casio watch.
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