• Apple May Purchase Nortel Patents

    In what would prove to be yet another logical step in the company's unending quest to secure as much mobile technology-related intellectual property as possible, Apple is believed to be among the bidders seeking the portfolio of patents presently held by Nortel Networks. Last year, Nortel Networks filed for bankruptcy and is now liquidating its assets. According to a report Friday from Reuters, Apple is not only interested in acquiring the patents, Apple may have already made an offer.

    Nortel controls better than 4,000 patents, the total value of which is estimated to be in excess of $1 billion. Understandably, Apple may be joined by Google in the bidding war, as both tech giants look to shore up their posturing in the mobile technology space. "There has been one round of bidding on those patents, this has been completed," one source told Reuters. "And what Nortel has done is divide the patents up into different lots covering different kinds of technologies."

    As Apple continues to find itself embroiled in no shortage of legal skirmishes involving patents and other intellectual properties, it isn't difficult to comprehend why the Cupertino-based outfit would seek to acquire some - but not all - of Nortel's patents, specifically those that pertain to third- and fourth-generation wireless technology. Alexander Poltorak, chief executive of General Patent Corp, says many of the patents up for grabs wield a great deal of potential power for their new owner. "It is certainly a very significant stockpile of potent weaponry, and whoever lays their hands on it is going to gain significant advantage," Poltorak stated.

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