• Apple Dominates Top Twitter Trends of 2010

    Twitter has formally unveiled its top trends of 2010. And it should come as no major shocker that Apple and its iOS, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air all found their rightful place on the top ten trends of 2010 in the technology category. Three of the top five trends in this category belong to Apple. The complete list is as follows:

    1. Apple iPad
    2. Google Android
    3. Apple iOS
    4. Apple iPhone
    5. Call of Duty Black Ops
    6. New Twitter
    7. HTC
    8. RockMelt
    9. MacBook Air
    10. Google Instant

    Remarkably, the iPad proved such a hot trending topic that it actually broke into Twitter's overall top ten trends of 2010. Coming in at #6 on Twitter's master list of the top dominant trends of the year, the popular Apple tablet was only topped by the Gulf oil spill, FIFA World Cup, "Inception," the Haiti earthquake, and Vuvuzela. Google Android wasn't far behind. The competing platform came in at #7 in the overall top ten, while placing an impressive #2 in the tech category of top trends.

    To check up on the top Twitter trends of 2010 across all categories, take a look at Twitter's freshly published "Year in Review."

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