• Easy Money With Your iPhone?

    Does the prospect of making a little extra cash with your iPhone sound enticing? And I'm not talking about getting one of Square's credit card readers and convincing blackout drunk college students that you're closing out their bar tab.

    New startup Gigwalk has a solution. The premise of their app is simple. Get assigned entry level "gigs" or jobs based on your current location that take just a few minutes of your time. Don't expect to make a living or pay the rent though, pay starts out at $3 for smaller tasks and up to $90 for larger ones.

    The possibilites are enticing. Being able to pay a mobile workforce for news tips or photos of current events based on their location has the potential to be useful. On the other hand it could start a paparazzi revolution.

    The major catch to all this, the service is essentially opt-in. If iPhone users don't download and actively use the app there is no workforce. If there is no workforce then the Gigwalk dies. Also, the way users are notified of jobs is a key element to success. If users are sent push notifications of jobs in their area based on their location it would be incredibly easy for people to make money and not think about it. No one is going to plan their day around the prospect of making money in $3 increments around town. Currently the service is only available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Miami.

    Source: Gigwalk
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