• Apple, Microsoft Unite For Patent Buyout

    Apple's appetite for patents and intellectual property is practically insatiable. On the heels of MMi's recent report about Apple allegedly making a play to secure the portfolio of patents presently held by Nortel Networks, Foss Patents reported Thursday that CPTN Holdings LLC has acquired 882 Novell patents. What does this have to do with Apple, you ask? Apple, along with Microsoft, EMC, and Oracle are the "partners" behind CPTN Holdings LLC.

    The news comes from a German antitrust notification by antitrust regulator Bundeskartellamt, which dished on the joint venture involving the purchase of 882 Novell patents for $450 million. The conspiracy theorists among us are already speculating that the concerted effort by these strange bedfellows could only mean one thing - the start of a new lawsuit against Google to slow the rampant, runaway growth of Android.

    That argument, of course, is dubious at best - if not the opposite of Apple's plans altogether. What's more likely in this instance is that Apple - and its partners - are wisely taking hold of as many relevant patents as possible to curb the incessant growth of lawsuits stemming from patent ownership and violation claims. In the modern tech world, companies and individuals can't ever control "enough" intellectual property. And it appears that Apple's appetite for patents reflects this sober awareness.

    Foss Patents
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