• Steve Jobs Action Figure Nets $2,500 on eBay

    Several weeks ago, reports first surfaced about a life-like Steve Jobs figurine that captured the ire of Apple and prompted the company to direct its legal team to swiftly put an end to sales of the product. The folks at MIC Gadget had experienced such a great reaction to the little action figures that their M.I.C Store quickly sold out of the first batch of 300 limited edition Steve Jobs figures ($80 each).

    All the attention, however, would put the nails in the coffin for this particular product. Shortly after Apple's legal team interjected itself, the M.I.C Store posted the following on its website: "We have just received an email from a law firm representing Apple.Inc. Apple has informed us that this phenomenal SJ action figure, has not consented to the use of Apple’s copyrights and trademarks, therefore they request us immediately to cease the marketing and sale of this figure."

    Although a single word about the Steve Jobs action figure was not mentioned in the immediate days and weeks following the little statue's post-Thanksgiving disappearance, today the world has witnessed the comeback of the biggest action figure character since G.I. Joe. According to sales results on eBay, more than one of these figurines has been sold for a whopping $2500. Although the Steve Jobs action figure didn't net millions on the auction block at Tiffany's, $2500 is not a bad turnaround for the collectors lucky enough to purchase one for $80 when they were still legally accessible on the open market.

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