• Spanish Law Sets Jailbreaking Precedent

    In case you missed the story this past week, a big victory was delivered to the jailbreak community in Spain. While the news has nothing to directly do with Apple or its products, the news stills serves to advance jailbreaking overall - a reality most in our community would celebrate regardless. In this particular instance, however, a court in Barcelona ruled that - despite the best arguments to the contrary by Sony - owners of the PlayStation 3 should not be prohibited from jailbreaking their consoles.

    Part of the reason the court ruled against Sony, according various Spanish language blogs, is because Sony disabled the “OtherOS” functionality earlier this year. As many readers are likely aware, the “OtherOS” feature allowed you to install a Linux OS into your PlayStation 3.
    No only did the Spanish court establish a legal precedent that one may own, sell, or advertise a jailbroken PS3, Sony was ordered to pay all legal fees associated with the jailbreaking witch hunt that targeted a number of retailers that eventually became involved in the legal skirmish. Despite all of Sony's best efforts - efforts that have previously succeeded in similar situations around the world - the Spanish ruling may ultimately represent the wave of the future, not a thing of the past.

    Sony still has a shrinking window of time in which the court's ruling can be appealed.

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