• Apple Lisa 1 Available on eBay

    If you’d like to own a real piece of Apple history, then head on over to eBay where you can pick up an Apple Lisa 1. As of this writing, it will currently set you back $25,100. The Lisa 1 could be considered the Mac’s big sister. It was released back in 1983, after the Apple II, but before the Macintosh came out. It was considered a bit of a disappointment at the time, however.

    According to the seller, moonlightflyer, this is an early production model of the Lisa 1, “I had an older brother that started working for Apple in 1980. He was part of the product development team that worked on the Lisa 1. In 1988 my brother passed away. He was still working for Apple at the time. I’ve had this computer safely stored in my closet ever since. Being such a big part of Apple’s history, it really should be taken care of and displayed, not stuck in the closet for another 30 years.”

    If the pictures are any indication, the unit looks to be in great condition. It still has the authentic Twiggy ROMS and comes with the original keyboard. Unfortunately, it lacks a mouse and Lisa software. The plastic case is said to be in good shape without any chips, cracks or dents, but it has yellowed with age.

    If Steve Jobs had never taken that fateful trip to Xerox PARC, then the Lisa 1 might never have been created, and the Macintosh would never have been born. Can you imagine a world where DOS was the only operating system? Scary. So if you’ve got the means and the desire, you can have this great piece of Apple history. Better hurry though, you’ve only got 2 days left before it’s gone. An Apple 1 recently sold for $213,600. How much do you think a Lisa 1 will go for?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9NTpiC2N-E&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Apple Lisa1 Startup[/ame]

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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