• Additional Screenshots of Apple Watch 'Activity' Companion App Leaked on Twitter

    Friday morning, well-known iOS developer Hamza Sood leaked some screenshots showing off the Apple Watch 'Activity' companion application that becomes enabled when your iPhone is paired with Apple's Watch. The Apple Watch is not yet available for pre-order, but will be beginning on April 10th.

    The Activity application is hidden from your Home Screen until your iPhone is actually paired with the Apple Watch. The application is separate from the "Apple Watch" application that is actually used to pair the two devices.

    The Activity application allows you to keep track of, and configure your Apple Watch. It keeps track of your health, activity, and more.

    You will be able to configure the look and feel of your Apple Watch's Home Screen right from the application on your iPhone, and you can even even manage your Apple Watch notifications, glances, Do Not Disturb settings, brightness & text size, sounds, installed applications, sounds & haptics, and much more.

    Additional settings let you configure the clock style, your friends list, your music settings, deep notification settings, and more.

    The public won't even be able to access this application until the first Apple Watches start hitting public circulation, so this is a nice sneak peek at what you can expect if you're going to order the Apple Watch to use for yourself.

    Sources: Hamza Sood
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