• AirFlick Streams Video from Mac To Apple TV Without iTunes

    Erica Sadum has just released AirFlick for Mac OS X. AirFlick allows you to stream video files from a Mac to an Apple TV (2nd gen) without having to go through iTunes. The most exciting aspect of this new app is its ability to stream content from websites directly to an Apple TV. Currently, only compatible video formats can be streamed, but as this app matures, more file formats will surely be added. AirFlick is currently available for download, but it is still very early in its development and carries a 0.01 version number. Itís still worth a look though, even if it does have a few bugs that need ironing out.

    AirFlick runs in a small window on your desktop and its interface is very straightforward. Simply drag a video file or URL into the text field, then select Apple TV from the pull down menu and video should start playing most of the time. Because this is such an early release, however, videos donít always stream the first time around. Reloading the video will usually fix this problem.

    With so many developers working on new ways to stream content from one device to another, Iím sure that one day soon, steaming movies will be taken for granted. For now, however, this is one Mac program that everyone should be keeping an eye on. Hopefully, someone will figure out a way to get Hulu and other video websites onto our Apple TVís, without having to pay extra for the privilege. If all goes well, 2011 will be the year that video streaming goes mainstream and becomes more than just a hobby.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOrn3aoc8yo&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - AirFlick Demo[/ame]

    Source: MacRumors
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