• TuneSwift Simplifies iTunes to iTunes Transferring

    Christmas has come early for many "switchers" - those for whom transferring iTunes libraries between computers or among portable devices is a routine or otherwise recurring task. Given that syncing files between computers (particularly between Windows PCs and Macs) is not the most joyous of tasks, there will likely be some considerable comfort taken in the new CopyTrans application dubbed TuneSwift.

    Here's what we're dealing with in a nutshell: TuneSwift can swiftly backup an iTunes library stored on your preferred iDevice. By using "incremental backups," storage updates are made simpler in the absence of having to update the complete library. The most desirable attribute, however, may be TuneSwift's ability to transfer an iTunes library to a new computer, a different location within the same computer, or even an external hard drive without a hitch.

    Tuneswift is worth a mention not only in light of the neat service it provides, but because it will be available at no cost until March 15th (with promo code "tuneswift-acti-vate-me"). So if the holiday season brings with it a new computer, tablet, or iDevice of some variety, the prospect of transferring or backing up your iTunes library will be dramatically simplified with Tuneswift.

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