• Adobe Unveils Document Cloud and Acrobat DC

    Adobe recently unveiled the Document Cloud, which for those of you who donít know, is an all-encompassing digital document management solution. The solution includes a new touch-enabled version of Acrobat and two iOS-specific apps. Document cloud is set to launch in April and is seen by many as a central hub for a userís document creation and management needs.

    As part of the Document Cloud, Adobeís Acrobat DC is seen as a major facet to the digital document management solution. According to Adobe, the new Acrobat DC comes loaded with new features to help process and manage PDF documents as well as touchscreen support and a fresh layout. Unlike previous iterations of mobile Acrobat software that shipped with limited functionality, the upcoming Acrobat Mobile will be a full-featured, touch-enabled app with a variety of powerful tools.

    Furthermore, digital signatures seem to also be getting special treatment as Adobe appears to be launching a tool called Sign Services, formerly Echo Sign, which allows users to track a document as it is passed along for multiple signatures. In addition to this, users can turn to a new mobile app called Fill & Sign to sign documents with a stylus or finger.

    Adobe will be relying on Mobile Link to sync across platforms in an effort to keep information up to date, which includes desktop, mobile and Web.

    Those of you interested in using Adobe Acrobat DC and Document Cloud will be able to do so in April which is when it is set to start shipping. Acrobat XI Pro can be bought $14.99 per month and Acrobat XI Standard can be bought for $12.99 per month. Each of the two options will automatically be upgraded to Acrobat DC once it is made available. On the other hand, Adobe is also planning to offer Acrobat DC as a one-time purchase for $449.00 for the Pro version and $299.00 for the Standard version.

    Source: Adobe
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    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      OMG. Anyone who's ever balked at Apple's pricing has got to choke at Adobe's. I don't know who's renting their apps but, apparently people [corporations are people, my friend] are but I have to wonder how many of these corporate-people will modify their security and IP policies to allow Adobe to house their documents. I can't see Joe down the street doing it for $13/mo or shelling out $300 even as a one-time purchase.
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