• 'Dark Echo' Goes Free as Apple's iOS App Store App of the Week This Week

    Another week has gone by, and that means it's another Thursday; another Thursday means that another App of the Week has been crowned in the iOS App Store as a part of Apple's weekly ritualistic tradition.

    Last week, 8bit Doves went free as the App of the Week, but as that promotion ends, a new one has taken its place. Apple has crowned Dark Echo as the App of the Week this week, a game that is like a minimalist-style puzzle game based on sounds.

    From the App Store description, we learn that the game comes with 80 levels where the sounds you create are used as a part of the puzzle:

    Trapped in darkness, you must use visualized sound to guide your way through threatening environments. The sounds you create will bounce off obstacles, revealing the shape of the surrounding world. It won't be long before your only way of sensing the world attracts a horrifying evil that devours both sound and souls.

    Survive through 80 levels that will make your heart race and leave you with an irrational fear of red lines. A foreboding soundscape, best experienced with headphones, sets the tone for your journey. Explore, solve puzzles, and most importantly - stay alive.
    If you think you're ready to take on the challenge and get this normally $1.99 game for free, then you can head over to this App Store link to download Dark Echo.

    Sources: App Store
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