• One Third of iDevices in China Are Jailbroken

    With the Chinese release of the iPad 2 yesterday and the White iPhone previously, China has been in the spotlight as Apple's products are selling faster than ever. It was without peace with the iPad 2 selling out in 4 hours, riots, and similar actions with the White iPhone 4. But what I find more astounding is the percentage of iDevices that are jailbroken in China. The statistics tell the tale.

    Umeng, a firm that researches and collects date for mobile developers, released a packet of statistics regarding the number of jailbroken iDevices. According to their findings, 34.6% of all iDevices in China are jailbroken. Along with the above, they also released some other important data summarized below (not all examples are listed). The translation from Chinese was done by TechNode.

    • The iPhone 4 takes 54% of the iOS market while second place, the iPhone 3Gs, is only at 16.1%.
    • On average, 34.6% of all iDevices in China are jailbroken. However, just the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3Gs separate from each other, take up at least 40%+.
    • Only 27% of all iPads in China are jailbroken.

    Without a doubt, the results are incredible. This has also raised concern, as some analysts speculate this could have a major affect in the paid app market. Although they did not directly address the issue, it would seem Umeng is trying to discourage the notion that jailbreaking users will have an effect on the number of paid applications and downloads.

    Source(s): TechNode
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