• One More 2010 Honor Squeezed in for Steve Jobs

    With only days remaining until the dawn of a new year, it seems there's always time to squeeze in yet another celebration of the life and achievements of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. At least that's how the editors at The Financial Times feel, as they have officially named Apple's big cheese as their "Person of the Year" for 2010.

    Of all the factors used to evaluate Jobs for the honor, the success of the iPad is what put Jobs over the top. "Of all the fingers that Apple has poked into Microsoft's eyes over the years, none can have rankled as much as the early success of the iPad," the Times report reads. "Mr. Gates himself championed a tablet computer nearly a decade ago, though the stylus needed to write on its screen and the PC-like interface generated little demand."

    During the last few weeks, it's been difficult to keep track of all of the honors bestowed upon the Apple chief. MarketWatch kicked-off the ego-parade earlier this month by proclaiming Stevie the "CEO of the Decade." This marked the second time Jobs has received such praise. Last year, Fortune similarly bestowed that lofty title to Apple's prominent chief executive. With only a week to go in 2010, there's only enough time for maybe a half-dozen more glorifying honors for Mr. Jobs. So keep your eyes peeled

    The Financial Times
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