• Prototype Macintosh Portable Available on eBay

    Another piece of Apple history is up for sale on eBay, a Macintosh Portable. This unit is a prototype and was not intended for resale. The Mac Portable was Apples first attempt at building a Mac that could be taken with you. There have been quite a few auctions recently offering historic Apple computers. If these auctions are any indication, then this unit should fetch more than its $1750 starting price.

    According to the seller, “the label on the bottom notes that it is intended for demonstration purposes only and does not include the necessary certifications.” This Mac Portable is said to be an “absolutely mint, flawless, clean prototype.” Unfortunately, the unit does not turn on at the moment. This is probably due to the age of the unit’s lead acid battery.

    This type of battery is not produced anymore and the Mac Portable will not boot without a functional battery. The Mac Portable was widely criticized at the time for its inability to boot up from an AC outlet without an installed battery. Workarounds for this are possible and whoever ends up with this unit will have to put in a little extra work in order to get this Mac Portable working again.

    The Apple Macintosh Portable shares a similar architecture to the Mac SE, using a different housing and battery, of course. It was considered portable at the time, but at 16 pounds and 4 inches thick, you could hardly just throw one into a bag on your way to a coffee shop.

    The Mac Portable was discontinued in October of 1991 and was soon replaced with something more recognizable by today’s standards, the PowerBook 100 series. Digging up a Macintosh Portable, is sort of like unearthing dinosaur bones; pretty cool to look at and have, but not really that useful in the modern world. Still, the fact that this early prototype is available on eBay will surely make some Mac fan a happy camper this holiday season.

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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