• Square Cash Ready to Compete with Apple Pay

    With the mobile payments market growing faster than even most analysts anticipated, it comes as no surprise that Square -- once the lone titan of mobile payments -- is eager to regain some of the market share it's been forced to yield to leading competitors like Apple Pay and PayPal.

    On Monday, Square launched Square Cash for businesses everywhere in the U.S.

    'We deposit payments directly into your bank account (as opposed to a holding account), and offer an aggressive and affordable professional rate of only 1.5%," the company said in this morning's announcement.

    But Square is also rolling out another cool attribute to its mobile payments platform that businesses might really dig -- especially those concerned about privacy and sharing sensitive information.

    For that reason, Square is launching $Cashtags, a "unique identifier that enables anyone to create a personalized name like $ErinHills or $SunsetPhotography and get paid privately and securely through Square Cash."

    $Cashtags, the company says, can be posted anywhere as a veritable bat signal for Square Cash availability.

    To learn more about this and what else is new from Square, click here.

    Source: Square
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