• Logitech Denies Google TV Rumor While Apple Confirms Apple TV Sales

    Last week, reports surfaced that sales of the much-hyped Google TV have largely fallen flat to date. Accompanying that news was a report from DigiTimes that Logitech had ceased shipments of its Revue Google TV boxes for the time being, awaiting Google's software update. The report stated that Logitech's supplier, Gigabyte Technology, has suffered "financial setbacks" due to the halted distribution.

    On Tuesday, however, Barron's published an email - and a carefully worded one at that - from Nancy Morrison, a Logitech executive who flatly denied on Monday that Google had asked Logitech to halt production of the Revue. "Logitech has not been asked by Google to suspend production of its Google TV products," the message stated. "As those familiar with the product know, it is not necessary for Logitech to make changes to the Logitech Revue with Google TV companion box to accommodate future enhancements to Google TV." Dancing around the undeniable fact that sales of Google TV have been less than stellar, Morrison added that "Logitech is currently meeting the inventory needs of its retail customers, continuing to ship products on schedule to meet their holiday and post-holiday demand."

    But while Logitech does damage control to protect an already diminished brand, Apple was busy confirming on Monday that estimates from the previous week that Apple TV sales would top one-million by Christmas had, in fact, proven accurate. John Paczkowski of All Things Digital revealed that the Cupertino-based tech giant confirmed to him that the $99 Apple TV had, indeed, exceeded the one-million unit threshold within the first three months of the product's release.

    All Things Digital
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