• Report: Big Potential Spenders Get More Time with Apple Watch in Store Demos

    Want to try out an Apple Watch before buying? Well, if you're in the market for a higher-end model, you'll get more time to sample the hardware inside of an Apple Store.

    The International Business Times is reporting that Apple Watch Gold Edition shoppers will get twice as much time during their Apple Store appointments to take the inaugural Apple Watch for a test-spin.

    Apple, I think, isn't necessarily trying to slight its low-end Apple Watch shoppers with a shorter demo, especially when you consider that if someone is going to drop $10K on a product, it's fair to give that customer a little more time to weigh that lofty purchase.

    As of this writing, Apple is still set to begin booking Apple Watch demo appointments on April 10th.

    "The standard appointment will be 15 minutes, but the company will offer an additional 15 minutes of try-on time to shoppers who express interest in the most expensive Apple Watch Edition versions, which start at $10,000 and finish at $17,000," IBT reports.

    Apple Watch officially goes on sale April 24th.

    Source: IBT
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    1. FrozenFlame's Avatar
      FrozenFlame -

      For something that the battery life is going to degrade to half a day at best? No thank you. Not even for $1000
    1. Darkflame's Avatar
      Darkflame -
      I'll book an appointment for the expensive units then if I'm interested I'll tell them I love it! I'll take the base model please.
    1. milder's Avatar
      milder -
      REPORT: Apple interested in "Making Money."
      Details at eleven.
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