• iPad May Face Challenge from HTC 'Scribe'

    HTC is getting ready to take aim at Apple's iPad with a new tablet product that, based on a new trademark filing, may be called the "Scribe." According to Bloomberg, the recent trademark filing from HTC describes the forthcoming device as "a handheld wireless device, namely, a tablet computer." While rumors of an HTC tablet have lingered since the company's CFO Cheng Hui-Ming stated in October that HTC is actively "studying the market," the latest news of the trademark filing is being taken as conclusive evidence that HTC is ready to do battle with Apple in the increasingly competitive tablet marketplace.

    Despite initial rumors that HTC would roll out their tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show (beginning January 6th) or during the Mobile World Congress in February, it now appears that a mid 2011 launch is far more likely if not inevitable. Most industry analysts expect the HTC tablet to run Android 3.0 - aka Honeycomb. In this regard, HTC would be joining Motorola in preparing a new Android tablet that has also generated considerable buzz. Motorola recently made headlines when one of it's executives referred to the iPad as a "giant iPhone."

    When HTC Corp., the world’s largest maker of mobile phones using Google Inc.’s Android operating system, formally announces its tablet computer, few will be surprised, as it now appears to be just a matter of time before the tablet is released and the world can take notice of just how many bells and whistles the "Scribe" will serve up at a yet-to-be-determined price.

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