• Apps Citymapper and Transit Updated for Apple Watch Compatibility

    We are getting closer and closer to the launch of the Apple Watch and more and more iPhone apps are getting updates for their built-in Apple Watch compatible apps. For those who take public transportation, whether it is in New York City or Boston, Medium has announced that Citymapper and Transit App have released an update for the wearable device. According to Medium, Citymapper stated the following:

    This is the nature of transit information when you move across the city. You need snippets of information. Different things at different times, depending on where you are along the way.

    Transit info works well on a device that focuses attention on one thing at a time. And where the transaction cost (ie hassle) of getting additional information is low (raise your wrist and swipe). Using a wearable app may also be safer. City dwellers are generally walking too fast, crossing streets, using stairs, jostling through crowds.
    Citymapper is compatible in cities including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Tokyo, Rome, and possibly others. Supported languages include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, with more languages and cities that will be ‘coming soon.’

    As for Transit, the app will be less notification-heavy and will provide directions and a curated list of departure times. The app will even have a ‘Take Me Home’ button on the wearable device for when users are lost. According to Medium,

    It’s not every day that developers get the chance to build something for a completely new platform. And we think that the Apple Watch might just be the ideal platform for us. Sure, it’s not so difficult to pull your phone out of your pocket. But it’s while we’re in transit that those seconds matter most.

    With Transit App for Apple Watch, all of that friction is gone. No matter where you are, you will have instant access to departure times for nearby routes — on hand at all times. Sprinting for the bus? Need to know which route is leaving soonest? Don’t want to interrupt your game of Candy Crush? We’ve got your back.
    Both apps are said to be available the day the Apple Watch is released, which will be on April 24th. Are you excited for the device? Share with us below.

    Source: Medium (Citymapper, Transit)
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