• Revenue From the App Store is Expected to Double By 2018, Advertising More Frequent

    The App Store is the flagship digital content store for Apple's iOS devices where applications can be downloaded from to enhance the usability of any iOS device, whether it's an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It allows third-party developers to offer solutions for users' needs that Apple doesn't answer with its own built-in services, and it even imbues those with great ideas with the power to become software entrepreneurs and potentially make a great deal of money.

    Money; that's something that developers, and Apple, are expected to see more of by the year of 2018, according to two firms that deal directly with digital content stores App Annie and IDC. In fact, by more, we actually mean double. What's more is in-app advertising & in-app purchases, which have become incredibly popular with the "Freemium" sensation affecting modern digital content, could triple by 2018, according to a report from Re/code.

    App Annie notes that the assertion that App Store revenue could double for developers by the year of 2018 is a "conservative" forecast. Apple's actual numbers continue to outshine forecasts by amazing rates every time Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage at a new launch event to announce them.

    The projections aren't only for Apple's App Store, but for Google's Google Play store as well. The Google Play store is also expected to see huge gains in revenue and in-app advertising & in-app purchases. Developers for both platforms are writing their own fate with the code they write in order to maximize their profit across the board.

    Good paid applications will be few and far in between in the future; instead, developers will continue to devolve to the "Freemium" model where you have to pay to continue using the application simply because it's more profitable than a pay-once, use-all-the-time application.

    Sources: Re/code
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