• Apple Watch Sales Projections Are All Over the Map

    The wearables market is proving to be a different animal altogether for Apple. Unlike other Apple product sales projections, which tend to stay within a fairly defined range per analyst estimates, Apple Watch isn't fitting into this pattern.

    As MMi's Akshay Masand reported last night, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster thinks Apple Watch sales could top one million units in the product's opening weekend of sales later this month.

    But not everyone agrees that big sales are ahead. For some analysts, 500,000 units on opening weekend will be a miracle. Others expect blockbuster sales north of 2 million units out of the gate. At this point, projections are so wildly diverse that it's difficult to get a true read on where the wearables market will lead Apple.

    Ronan de Renesse, lead consumer tech analyst at Ovum, said earlier this month that Apple Watch “will not have a significant enough competitive edge versus Samsung, LG and Sony; cheap design copycats will successfully thrive, especially in China; and its comparatively high ($349) entry-level price point will be more difficult to sustain.”

    If Apple's track record is any indication, the company will likely reveal opening weekend sales for Apple Watch before the end of the month. And then we'll see where the chips fall. For now, it's almost impossible to predict a blockbuster, a disaster, or something in between.

    Source: USAToday Money
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