• 12" MacBook Found in Early Unboxing Video and Photos

    Those who are waiting to purchase Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook with Retina Display on April 10th don’t have to wait any longer to see what the device is like. The new laptop was reportedly featured in an unboxing video in Vietnam, as Vietnamese company Tinhte.vn was able to get their hands on the product ahead of the official launch date. According to the website, the boxing of the MacBook is just like all other Apple laptops with the white packaging and picture of the laptop.

    Packaged with the edge-to-edge keyboard MacBook is a USB type C adapter charging cable and an informational packet. The video was launched on YouTube, but has since been marked as a ‘private video.’ Those who are interested can view some of the photos above. The new 12-inch MacBook won’t be available until April 10th, which is just 9 days away and will begin at $1,299.

    Source: Tinhte.vn
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    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      Been waiting to see one of these to confirm that the charger only has one port and the video is already inaccessible.

      The charger should be a power or unpowered (when unplugged) USB hub, especially since you can already replace the prongs with a cord to power and keep it on your desk and you lose your only USB port while charging. Missed opportunity! I don't intend to buy one of these MacBooks (not his generation, at least), but I would buy a combination charger/hub, especially if it will quick-charge my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad like the larger iPad charger will.
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