• Apple and IBM Release 8 New MobileFirst iOS Apps Covering Several Sectors

    Apple and IBM recently unveiled eight new iOS apps that serve various enterprises, adding new services for the healthcare and industrial product segments as part of its mobile applications and services initiative, MobileFirst. The apps were revealed on Apple’s MobileFirst webpage and serve a wide market spectrum including travel and transportation, retail, insurance and new areas like healthcare and industrial products.

    For healthcare professionals, the two tech giants teamed up to create Hospital RN, an app that replaces pagers with iPhones to grant nurses access to patient records from anywhere in the hospital. The system works by leveraging iBeacon technology to automatically locate patients while push notifications provide quick access to patient records, lab status, safety alerts, among other things. Hospital Lead for iPad makes it easier for hospitals to manage floor nurses and staff. For example, nurses can organize tasks and assign team members through a centralized system with task prioritization and statuses all handled within the app. Furthermore, this particular service also supports multiple internal databases and displays them in a single unified view.

    Another iPhone app called Hospital Tech leverages a hospital’s record system to give nurses real-time lab status, safety alerts, patient requests and tasks. Home RN provides at-home caregivers an easy and intuitive tool for managing patient records, sharing information between team members, including photos, videos, text, etc. The location-based services help direct nurses to the homes of patients and nearby points of interest like pharmacies and urgent care centers.

    In terms of the industrial sector, Apple and IBM worked together on Rapid Handover, an iPad app that helps management dissect information such as production goals, equipment maintenance updates and crew lists to incoming shift forepersons. Other utilities rely on iOS device hardware to document broken equipment and safety hazards.

    In terms of the Travel and transportation sector, the two tech giants added the Ancillary Sale app for the iPhone. The app helps flight attendants autonomously upgrade seats, make food and beverage sales while also allowing them to conduct other transactions while in the air. As expected, Apple Pay and swipe credit card systems are supported as is access to a database that stores customers’ previous on-board purchases. Risk Inspect for iPad allows insurance inspectors take on-site photos and videos that can be later combined with analytics to provide suggestions on potential areas of risk. The system also provides underwriters access to claim histories, environmental and structural data, crime statistics and other relevant metrics needed to make informed decisions.

    Last but not least, in the retail sector, the two companies released Order Commit for iPad. This app allows merchants access critical business metrics such as financial targets and sell-through. IBM’s strong data analytics tools are leveraged to create comparative performance models that help allow merchants to make better decisions.

    We’ll have to wait and see what apps are released next as part of Apple and IBM’s partnership.

    Source: Apple (Business)
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