• Apple Placed Eighth in a List of Companies Granted the Most Mobile Patents in 2014

    According to a new market report, Apple placed eight on a list of companies granted the most mobile patents last year. This puts Apple above most of the industry but below some of its main competitors. Leading the pack was IBM which reclaimed first place from 2013 leader, Samsung. Wireless and processing technology firm, Qualcomm, climbed to third while achieving its best-ever ranking. Filling out the top seven spots on the list were the following companies: Microsoft, Google, Sony and LG, just below Apple were BlackBerry and Ericsson.

    Chetan Sharma of Chetan Sharma Consulting noted that mobile patents are being granted at a growing rate in the US. A quarter of 2014ís granted patents were related to mobile devices, up 17% year-over-year and from one in 10 patents issued in 2004 (as a comparison). Europe represents a relatively marginal factor last year, accounting for just one in 10 mobile patents which is actually a 4% decline from 2013. Sharma blames this on the decline of regional firms such as Nokia, which completed the sale of its mobile division to Microsoft in 2014.

    Japan and China were the two countries behind the US that saw the highest number of secured patents. To be more specific, ZTE and Huawei were the biggest players in China with MediaTek and Xiaomi making several inroads as well. If youíre an Apple fan, you already know that the company regularly files for technology patents so it isnít a surprise to see Apple on the list.

    Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting via AppleInsider
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      SpiderManAPV -
      I always thought Sony owned Ericson.
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      So much for Apple trying to patent everything...
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