• Sources Dish on Possible AppleCare+ for Apple Watch Pricing

    Although it's been no secret that AppleCare+ will be available for Apple Watch, the company has kept everyone in the dark on what the plan may cost. However, supposedly knowledgeable sources are now dishing on what the pricing tiers may look like.

    On Friday, a source speaking with MacRumors revealed that AppleCare+ will be priced differently for each incarnation of Apple Watch -- from low-end to high-end. On the entry-level side of things, AppleCare+ for Apple Watch Sport will be just $59.

    However, as you move up the ladder, the pricing increases accordingly -- and dramatically. For instance, we're told that AppleCare+ for the stainless steel Apple Watch with Sport Band is $79. But once you move higher into the gold territory, better hang on to your wallets. If the information presented is correct, AppleCare+ for a $15,000 gold Apple Watch Edition will cost a cool $999.

    It's important to remember that, for now, none of this information has been confirmed by Apple. But the company will likely confirm prices in the coming days as Apple Watch becomes available for preorder.

    Source: MacRumors
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