• Apple Files Complaint with Twitter Over Fake Steve Jobs Profile

    With hoaxes and parodies becoming more and more commonplace on social networks every day, it was only a matter of time before Apple and its CEO Steve Jobs found themselves on the receiving end of a fraudster's prank. As it turns out, Jobs is among the latest victims of a social networking parody that resulted in a fake profile for the Apple chief turning up on the ultra-popular microblogging platform known as Twitter.

    Characteristically of Apple and its legal team, there was little humor to be found or tolerance to be had of the fake poster (@ceoSteveJobs), which has been responsible for such memorable tweets as: "The iPad 2 will blow you away. Literally. It has a shotgun built in." Still, the obviously phony account and its obviously phony tweets about Apple products have provoked a formal complaint by the tech giant against the social networking giant.

    Incredibly, @ceoSteveJobs has become an enormously popular member of Twitter (370,000 + followers). For that reason, Apple wants it made clear that it has not sanctioned, nor does it support or endorse the fake profile. Consequently, the Twitter account parodying Steve Jobs has revised its public bio, which now reads: "More than meets the i. As you should expect from a parody account." Ultimately, however, the bio revision isn't sufficient. And because the @ceoSteveJobs account is "in violation" of Twitter's official parody policy, the name of the account will also soon change.

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