• 'HBO NOW' Becomes Available for Apple TV and iOS Device Users

    At the most recent Apple event, it was announced that a new service called HBO NOW would launch on the Apple T.V., iPhone, and iPad and would allow subscribers to pay a small monthly fee to watch all of the movies that they love on demand.

    HBO NOW is finally available for Apple TV, as well as iPhone & iPad users as of Tuesday morning. The service comes with a 30-day free trial for those that sign up in April, but if you wait until after April to sign up, you won't get the free trial opportunity. After the free trial period is over, the cost for the service is $14.99 per month to use.

    For those that will be using an iPhone or iPad for the HBO NOW service, the iOS application can be downloaded for free from this App Store link (a subscription is still required). Apple TV users should see the channel appear automatically as it rolls out.

    Notably, as shown at the Apple Event, the new series Game of Thrones will be watchable on HBO NOW for Apple TV, as well as iPhone & iPad.

    Sources: MacRumors
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    1. oneduality's Avatar
      oneduality -
      I signed up.. I love it so far, lots of good content.. I just don't own an apple tv so I hate not being able to watch it and control it on my TV .. I have a Roku ..

      But I have an HD monitor and I mainly got it for game of thrones... so I'm ok with it .. and from what it sounds like Roku and other device support is coming once the Apple "exclusive" launch agreement expires... I think that will come either after the first free month or at the end of the game of thrones series ends... I'd be surprised if it was after 10 weeks.. but who knows.. but I'm sure it will happen..
    1. oneduality's Avatar
      oneduality -
      Another interesting point, there's a lot of adult content available... Apple seems to have turned another cheek with this one...
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