• Apple Watch and the Enterprise: It's Only a Matter of Time

    It's happened with every other major Apple product release before. From the Mac to the iPad, Apple products have slowly but steadily worked their way into the enterprise.

    First replacing BlackBerry devices, and then taking over for Android gadgets, Apple's iPhones and iPads alone have become hugely popular workplace devices for businesses of all varieties. From law firms and hospitals, to airlines and even branches of the U.S. military, iDevices are more than just consumer toys. They're now workplace necessities.

    Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Apple is thinking a similar fate could befall Apple Watch. Although the product isn't yet available, the company is now looking to hire an "Apple Watch marketing specialist." The job's primary responsibility? According to Apple Insider, which discovered the posting, the person who will fill this role will "focus on applications of the Apple Watch in the enterprise space."

    As we've previously reported, Apple is said to be working with developers to polish and perfect a first wave of apps inbound to Apple Watch ahead of the product's April 24th launch. How many of these apps will be for the workplace -- if any -- remains to be seen.

    Source: AppleInsider
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    1. Kupe's Avatar
      Kupe -
      You're missing the obvious "enterprise" end-game. "If you want medical insurance, you will wear an iWatch". Oh, and go buy it yourself.
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