• Apple to Drop Restocking Fees, Add Personal Mac Setup

    In what is already shaping up to be a big week in the world of mobile news, an interesting tidbit about Apple surfaced Monday and will likely remain buried beneath a tidal wave of Verizon iPhone stories to come for the remainder of the week - if not month. According to multiple published reports, beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, January 11th, Apple will end its practice of charging a 10% restocking fee on returned products at an Apple retail store.

    The 14-day return period still applies, of course, but no longer will consumers find themselves out a couple hundred bucks simply for deciding to return a new - but otherwise still pristine - Mac. Fortunately, Apple's plan to drop the restocking fee will be accompanied by a new service that could make it significantly less likely that you'll need to return your newest Apple product - especially if that new product is a Mac.

    Apple is introducing a new in-store personal Mac setup service. Similar to Apple store employees assisting customers in setting up their new iOS devices, the service will now be extended to new Macs as well. From Tuesday forward, when you buy a Mac at an Apple retail store, you will be personally walked through the setup process by an Apple staffer at a designated Mac setup area. Whether you need assistance in establishing your email or learning to navigate the new Mac App Store, there is now an official hand-holding service courtesy of Apple provided at no additional charge.

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