• Best Buy Stores May Add Genius Bars

    In 2006, the formal working relationship between Apple and Best Buy began in earnest. But it reached a new zenith in 2010 as both companies agreed to work with each other to an unprecedented extent to give consumers another major retail outlet to browse and buy popular Apple products like the iPad. On Monday, reports surfaced that could indicate the partnership growing even stronger in 2011.

    The Apple section of your nearest Best Buy's computer department could be in for a substantial makeover during the next few months. A Best Buy tipster notified TUAW this week that numerous Best Buy retail outlets across the country may begin installing Genius Bars as early as this spring. The move would represent the first time Apple has allowed the native Apple Store mainstay to venture into non-Apple territory.

    Four years ago, Apple and Best Buy launched a modest pilot program in a handful of Best Buy stores that showcased Apple products in a designated area within the store. Today, that little pilot program has grown to include some 500 Best Buy stores across the US, each of which now prominently showcases the aforementioned Apple boutiques. And while its difficult to imagine Apple's Genius Bar turning up anywhere outside of Apple's retail stores, the Cupertino-based tech giant clearly enjoys working with Best Buy - as evidenced by Apple's decision last year to initially make Best Buy the only authorized retailer to accept pre-orders of the iPad.

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