• Tim Cook Jets to Paris to Kick Off Apple Watch Preorders?

    There are rumors and a few pieces of photographic evidence to suggest that Apple CEO Tim Cook is now thousands of miles away from home and burning the candle at both ends to help drive last-minute hype for the start of preorders for Apple Watch.

    With preorders set to commence tomorrow, Cook is allegedly in Paris, France at this hour conducting business and checking out the Apple retail landscape ahead of the morning kick-off to Apple Watch preorders and demo reservations.

    French blog Mac4Ever shared some images of Cook in Paris although Apple hasn't confirmed that their CEO is, in fact, in Europe. Since it's no secret that Apple's chief executive has publicly toured Apple's retail outlets and partner retailers in the past, it wouldn't come as a major surprise that Cook is in Paris today on the eve of Apple's most fashionable product launch in company history.

    MMi will have complete coverage of tomorrow's kick-off to preorders for Apple Watch.

    Source: Mac4Ever (via AppleInsider)
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