• Apple Upsets Microsoft in Move to Trademark 'App Store'

    Apple is making waves with its effort to secure a controversial trademark in the highly competitive mobile app space. According to published reports this week, Microsoft is formally challenging Apple's 2008 application to trademark "App Store." Yes, you read that correctly. Incredibly, after three years, only on Tuesday did Microsoft actually file a motion for a summary judgment which would effectively prevent Apple from securing that generic trademark.

    The status page for Apple's trademark request says "an opposition is now pending" at the trial board.
    In the filing, Microsoft contends that "'app store' is generic for retail store services featuring apps and unregistrable for ancillary services such as searching for and downloading apps from such stores." It now appears that a heated legal battle over the rights to "app store" is on, as Apple thinks it is within its means to trademark the catch-all designation for a digital storefront that makes available apps for purchase and download.

    If Apple proves successful, the ramifications could be felt across the mobile space as multiple "app stores" for competing brands have either been formally launched or remain in active development. While it isn't yet clear how far Apple is willing to take its argument, it's apparent that Microsoft and others won't let Apple get its way without an ample courtroom challenge.

    PC World
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