• Apple Giving Away 10k iTunes Gift Card for 10 Billionth App Download

    Perhaps rivaled in grandeur only by the ball that drops in Times Square every New Year's Eve, the other famous countdown mechanism we all know and love (or simply tolerate) has returned. And all you have to do is check out the official Apple website to see where the numbers stand at this very moment. You see, on Friday, Apple resurrected its cheesy little app download counter to usher in with excitement the forthcoming 10 billionth app download from the App Store.

    The milestone hyped, however, is, indeed, significant, as it points to the rampant growth of both the Apple App Store and also the digital app world as a whole. As a result of the enormousness of the occasion, Apple is giving away a hefty chunk of change via iTunes gift card (meaning a chunk of the cash comes back to Apple) to the person who downloads the 10 billionth app. According to Apple's advertised promotion, the person who hits the app jackpot will receive the aforementioned gift card loaded with $10,000 - almost enough to buy the full inventory of premium burp/fart apps now available.

    Of course, the obligatory phone call (hopefully to a member of this community) from Steve Jobs will likely follow. Although gimmicks such as these from Apple are often panned in the media, the growth of the App Store is nothing to laugh at. Just one year ago, in fact, Apple was heralding the 3 billionth download from the App Store - a figure that tripled in only twelve months. Even more incredible, the App Store's first year of existence saw only 1.5 billion app downloads in total.

    So the countdown is back on. Good luck to all.

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