• Apple Introduces Siri to 9 New Countries and Extends CarPlay Support to 6 New Regions

    As part of a recent iOS 8.3 rollout, Apple appears to have switched on various Siri features in nine new countries and also added CarPlay capabilities in select locales. The information, which was revealed in an update to Apple’s iOS 8 Feature Availability webpage reportedly, introduces Siri to Brazil, Denmark, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Thailand and Turkey.

    With the recent changes, iOS device owners in each of the nine countries will now be able to access Twitter, Facebook, Local Search, Directions and Shazam song recognition, directly through Apple’s Siri virtual assistant. Another feature, Siri Sports scores also rolled out in New Zealand. With the recent update, Users who are living in Brazil, China, India Thailand and Turkey can also link their iPhone to compatible automotive infotainment systems via Apple’s CarPlay. Although the feature has been made available, it hasn’t completely been fleshed out yet as China is the only country to get Maps integration.

    For those of you who didn’t know, when Apple first introduced Siri in 2011, full feature availability was limited to customers inside the US. The technology slowly gained support for foreign languages, localized search and several regional mapping assets, now coming standard on all iOS devices. Siri is also a major user interface component in the upcoming Apple Watch, a device which relies heavily on dictation for text entry and system navigation. CarPlay on the other hand is far less mature compared to Siri, having made its debut early last year. Just last month, Apple said all major car makers have pledged support for CarPlay, announcing that its in-car service would appear in 40 new models in 2015.

    We’ll have to wait and see how the two features continue to expand over time.

    Source: Apple (Feature Availability) via AppleInsider
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