• Report of Apple Having Trouble Launching the Apple Watch in Switzerland Exaggerated

    According to recent reports, news of Apple possibility of having to delay the Apple Watch’s launch in Switzerland over trademark issues appears to have been exaggerated. As of right now it continues to remain unclear whether the company is planning a Swiss launch in the near future to begin with. Intellectual property lawyer, Michael Jaccard, told Swiss business magazine, Bilan, the following:

    Apple has nothing to fear.
    His response was to a previously released story which suggested that a 1985 Swiss trademark, which contained an image of an Apple and had the word “Apple” written in the middle, registered to cover watches could prevent Apple from launching its own Watch until the trademark expired. According to Jaccard, although the 1985 trademark can be extended indefinitely, Apple could potentially challenge it on the grounds that the mark has never been used in trade. As of right now, no Swiss watchmaker is known to have sold an “apple watch” since the trademark has granted and companies can’t simply sit on trademarks indefinitely. Furthermore, no legal action seems to have been taken since Apple began proceedings to protect its own trademarks in Switzerland last year. Jaccard doesn’t believe the parties are likely to meet in court.

    Despite the fact that the situation is likely to result in litigation, Apple will likely come out on top given the huge disparity in financial and legal resources. Apple could possibly simply buy the current trademark holder off as they did with Cisco and the mark of the “iPhone previously.

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    Source: Bilan via AppleInsider
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