• App Store Gets Official Twitter Account

    The app store now has an official twitter account, which will go along with its several official twitter accounts for iTunes. Apple says that they'll use the account to promote new and exciting apps, and exclusive deals for app store apps.

    This twitter account adds to the influx of social networking features that go along with iTunes and the App Store. The App Store already has an official Facebook fan page, and we're hopeful that the twitter account will be a useful way for iOS and Mac users to discover apps that might have otherwise not be very popular. Along with iTunes integrated Ping social networking, Apple appears as ready as ever to spread their word via various popular social networks.

    While not the most exciting of news, we're hoping the twitter account can be just one of the many ways we find cool new ways to use our iPads, iPhones, and iPads. So far, the App Store account only has an introductory post, keep checking back fort the exciting offers we're sure are soon to come.

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