• Apple Sued for Artwork Used in 'Start Something New' Campaign

    Apple and artists Craig & Karl is being sued by Romero Britto due to artwork used in Apple’s ‘Start Something New’ campaign. Apparently Britto claimed that he was contacted by multiple people congratulating him on his deal with Apple, when in fact there was none. Artwork by the artistic duo Craig & Karl is featured on the official website, which shows how Apple products can be used for different types of art with different apps. The artwork was noted to be featured in Apple Retail locations as well.

    According to the documents,

    As with any Apple campaign, the Start Something New Campaign had massive exposure and breathless press coverage, and many of the media profiles prominently featured the Infringing Apple Image. Plaintiff was inundated with reports of the Start Something New campaign and the Infringing Apple Image. These reports ranged from, for example, incorrect congratulations on Mr. Britto's new deal with Apple, to consternation from business partners in potentially collaborative or competing product categories, to inquiries from collectors wanting to know if the image they saw in the Apple store or on the Apple website was by Romero Britto.
    After this incident, Britto then also realized that Craig & Karl have been copying Britto’s work for a long time (many years worth). The report noted that Apple has been contacted by Britto to stop using Craig & Karl art, but the company has yet to respond to anything. Because of this, Apple faces a possible injunction for using the duo's artwork and producing imitated work.

    Source: District Court PDF
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