• Recent Survey Data Shows Apple's Swift Programming Language is Favored by Devs

    Just one year after its unveiling, Apple’s Swift programming language has not only been accepted by many developers, it has also become one of the most favorite tools for software developers’ according to a recent survey. Stack Overflow’s 2015 Developer Survey revealed that roughly 78% of programmers currently working with Swift are excited about continuing to develop with it. The data was collected from over 26,000 Stack Overflow visitors in 157 countries though not all of them were Swift users.

    Being one of the most popular languages in a short period of time, Swift is featured in several apps from a number of well-known brands including American Airlines and LinkedIn. The most recent iOS 8.3 update brought “noteworthy” updates to the language which has already progressed to version 1.2.

    The older iteration of Swift, which was known as Objective-C, didn’t make the top ten most-loved list unfortunately. Despite that, Objective-C developers did make the most money among US respondents though with an average pay (including bonuses) of just under $99,000 per year. Of those who identified themselves as full-time mobile developers, 33% worked primarily on iOS compared to 45% who worked primarily on Android with 20% being nonpartisan.

    When it came to preferred operating systems, Apple’s Mac OS X came in with 22% of respondents picking it as their operating system of choice. It was slotted right behind Microsoft’s Windows 7 which took 39% of the vote and just ahead of Linux’s 21%.

    It’s interesting to see how much of an impact, Apple really has on various levels of the tech space.

    Source: Stack Overflow
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