• Google Reportedly Working on Developing Batteries to Overcome Modern Day Obstacles

    According to a recent report, a small Google team is working under the leadership of a former Apple expert to developer batteries that overcome some of the obstacles of modern devices. The team is reportedly being led by Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj as part of the Google X research group with a team that consists of four people.

    The Wall Street Journal previously noted that CEO Larry Page said that battery life in mobile devices was a major problem that could lead to “new and better experiences” if it was solved. Bhardwaj has reportedly told several industry executives that Google has at least 20 battery-reliant projects, some of which include its self-driving car prototypes and Google Glass.

    The small team is reportedly working on improving not just the lithium-ion technology but developing solid-state batteries that aren’t as chemically volatile and can be manufactured in thin, pliable layers, allowing them to be suitable for a whole new set of devices such as wearables. The biggest hurdle in the whole project appears to be the ability to mass produce the batteries at a cheap enough cost to leverage it in actual products.

    The sources claim that separate Google teams are already collaborating with AllCell Technologies on batteries for four projects. Among these is Project Loon, which is Google’s attempt to spread Internet access to remote regions using high-flying balloons.

    As many of you probably have already experienced, battery life seems to be one of the most common complaints about many modern electronic devices including those made by Apple. The issue may be especially critical for the highly-rumored electric car project. We’ll have to wait and see if Google does end up resolving the issue because if they do, it could bring a large change in the tech industry and become a step forward for consumer electronics and the tech space in general.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal
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