• Research Finds Older Generation iDevices Still Outsell New Android Products

    Although we have no confirmation of gloating going on inside the Cupertino, California corporate offices of Apple, it wouldn't be difficult to imagine that happening today on the heels of a new report that speaks to the core strengths of the iDevice line.

    Based on the research and subsequent findings of Canaccord Genuity technology analyst Michael Walkley, older-generations of Apple's most popular products - specifically, iPhones and iPads - continue to consistently outsell brand spankin' new Android devices.

    "Interestingly, our April checks indicated continued strong demand for the iPhone 3GS at AT&T and iPad 1 at Verizon, as these older generation products with reduced prices often outsold new Android products," Walkley dishes. "We believe this highlights Apple's significant competitive advantage, and these older products help Apple offer a tiered pricing strategy at key channels."

    Helping Apple's older products in topping newer competing products is the company's practice of significantly reducing the price of previous generation models when refreshed counterparts are introduced.

    Despite the penchant of many Apple fans to buy whatever Apple begins selling as soon as they begin selling it, there remains a large market (for a wide variety of reasons) of consumers adamant in their desire to perpetually remain one-generation behind on virtually all Apple products. But, Walkley adds, "longer term, we believe Apple's ramping iOS ecosystem will lead to a stronger replacement sales cycle, and this should help drive strong longer term earnings growth."

    Source: Canaccord Genuity
    Image: VentureBeat
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