• Apple TV Dominates Netflix: Racks Up More Hours than The iPad

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    When it comes down to the number of hours that the Apple TV has consumed in Netflix streaming, Apple TV dominates over the iPad. Business Insider reports that in Netflix's quarterly earnings release, the new Apple TV has already streamed more hours of content than the iPad, as a Netflix device, which is quite impressive, considering how many iPads have been sold globally.

    The devices with large installed bases – meaning Windows and Mac laptops, Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Wii – are the most popular devices for watching instantly from Netflix. AppleTV has done very well for us, and in just four months has passed the also-growing iPad in Netflix viewing hours...

    For those of you interested to know, Apple's most recent earnings release shows that the they have sold almost 15 million iPads, while the Apple TV only reached about one-million by the year end. The number of Netflix users is somewhat hard to determine based on these numbers, as it's not currently available in every country. However, with the AppleTV sitting right on your TV set, and at only $99, it's easy to see how it can be one of the fastest growing Netflix devices.

    Do you own an Apple TV? Got Netflix?

    Netflix: Apple TV Already Passed The iPad In Viewing Hours
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