• Tumblr 4.0 for iOS Lets You Create Blogs Right on Your iOS Device, Heap of New Features

    On Wednesday, a new version of Tumblr for iOS dubbed version 4.0 was released in the iOS App Store and is available to download.

    Improvements in version 4.0 include the ability to create new blogs right from your iPhone, the ability to make video posts simply by using the video's Web URL, the ability to submit to blogs that allow submitting, the ability to filter posts by the type of post that they are, and a new iOS 8 Today Notification Center widget that is capable of showing you the day's trending tags.

    The application, according to the App Store description, also includes the following improvements:

    • New icon. Feels good under your finger.
    • Sticky search bar. Convenient for those heavy search sessions.
    • Sticky avatars. Always, always know who made the post you’re currently reading. Never forget.
    • Clean, fresh look for the iPad.
    • GIFs load in a much more pleasing fashion. You’ll see.
    • You can delete blogs from the app, which sounds like something only a troublemaker would need to do, but okay.
    The new look on the iPad is definitely something to be excited about. Not only does it look fresher, but you'll experience speed in a new sense of speediness. As noted, animated GIF images now load much nicer in the application too, which means a better, faster loading experience all around.

    Those that are already using the Tumblr application for iOS will find this update under the Updates tab in the App Store application; if you have Automatic Updates enabled, then the update will be installed for you automatically without any action on your end needed. Alternatively, you can follow this App Store link to download the latest version of Tumblr for iOS.

    Sources: App Store
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