• MacBook Pro Supplies Diminishing, Updates Soon?

    Word around town is that current generation MacBook Pro supplies are starting to go way down, and that traditionally means product updates should come in the relatively near future. Amazon is showing shipping times of one to two months for specific model MacBook Pros, and websites linked to other suppliers' show their stocks are dwindling as well.

    It would not be surprising at all to see an imminent update to the MacBook pro line in the very near future. The last product revision came in April of 2010, 289 days ago. The MacRumors Buyer's Guide shows that the average revision time is 208 days, meaning the this seems like just the right time to see the MacBook Pro get an upgrade. It is expected that Apple will adopt Intel's next generation Sandy Bridge processors for their new pro models. We've also heard a report that the design could be slimmed down, similar in design to the 2010 MacBook Air. Some rumors are even suggesting that their may be an option to not include an Optical Drive in the next models, blurring the line between the MacBook Pro and Air models. However, nothing concrete has come out regarding what we will actually see when the MacBook Pro officially gets updated.

    The only evidence against a refresh would be that Apple's website is still reporting shipping times of 24 hours for the model. Still, if you're thinking of buying a MacBook Pro, we would suggest waiting if it all possible. At this point it would be surprising if the MacBook Pros were not revised very soon.

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