• Apple Begins Confirming WWDC Ticket Lottery Winners

    Forget scratch-off tickets and the Powerball. On this payday Friday, scores of developers are coughing up their hard-earned cash for a ticket to WWDC.

    With the window to enter the lottery for tickets now closed, Apple has begun notifying many of their selection to receive an opportunity to pay $1,599 for a ticket to the conference.

    With more developers wanting to attend than seats available, Apple has been forced to implement a ticket lottery system that randomly draws winners and bestows the option of paying for a full-price ticket.

    Of course, if you haven't yet heard from Apple, don't think the worst and that your ticket is a lost hope. Apple will be notifying applicants of their status through Monday.

    WWDC 2015 kicks off June 8th and lasts through June 12th.

    Source: Apple
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