• Shipping Estimates for Most of Apple's iMacs Slip to 3-5 Business Days

    If you're in the market for a new iMac, you might be in for a strange surprise on Apple's Web site. All models of the non-5k display iMac models apart from the absolute base model with the 1.4GHz processor are seeing shipping estimate delays of 3-5 business days on Apple's Web site, as first noted by MacRumors on Sunday.

    The odd shipping delays are affecting both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch models of the machine in most configurations, as shown above.

    As noted by MacRumors, the delays are odd because despite being due for a refresh, Apple's iMac is not expected to see a refresh until upgraded until desktop-class Intel Broadwell processors are ready for the machines. It's possible that Apple could be running thin on supply of the current generation iMac as they ready for production of the next-generation, but it could also just be a fluke; it's hard to speculate at this point in time, but Apple has been known to silently update its machines without announcing special events in the past.

    Notably, WWDC 2015 is coming up soon and could be a likely time for Apple to make an official announcement nonetheless.

    To view the shipping estimates for each individual model of the iMac, you can visit Apple's Web site at this link.

    Sources: Apple via MacRumors
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