• HD Video Output in Next iPhone Model?

    Remember the $49 Apple Composite AV Cable and the $49 Apple Component AV Cable? That let you currently output 480i and 480p video to your TV from your iPhone and iPod Touch (respectively)? Well Apple is telling all Apple Authorized Retailers to clear those out of inventory.


    The guys at PhoneNews have "confirmed" (rumor alert) Apple will be releasing a new cable - the Apple AV Cable. The cable will support both component and composite output, so folks can easily plug in to their HD and SD TV's without having to buy separate cables.

    But that's not the best part - supposedly, the reason behind this is the new iPhone and iPod Touch models
    will enable full HD playback, with 720p and 1080i output modes. Apple will also provide the ability for users to plug their iPhone into their HDTV, and gateway onto a userís Wi-Fi network, and access their entire iTunes library on their HDTV.
    In other words, your iPhone becomes an AppleTV with full 1080i video output. Couple that with the recent move to HD content supported in the iTunes Store - and you've got a bustling media market for Apple to capitalize on, and you to spend the money you could save by just watching Hulu.

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