• iPhone App For the Revolution: Land Mine Locator

    I'm not sure this in the App Store or Cydia yet, but Harvard researchers are developing smartphone applications to assist in the detecting of landmines.

    In 2008 nearly 5,000 people died because of landmines despite 500,000 landmines being properly removed. To help curb these statistics Harvard researchers are developing the pattern enhancement tool for assisting land mine sensing or PETALS. Land mine detection technology hasn't changed much in the last 50 years. It still involves a metal detector and manually disabling the mine. Technicians essentailly wait till the detector beeps because something metal is underneath and then attempt to determine if it is in fact a mine. The main problem with this technique, there is a ton of metal %^&* in the ground to give false detections.

    Harvard researchers aim to solve this problem with PETALS. The application receives data from the metal detector and creates a visualization of the spatial pattern below. This reduces judgement calls and guessing for technicians and mine locating novices alike. Ideally the application makes landmine locating much more efficient and safe. Then again thats like saying we've developed technology to make bull-riding more efficient and safe. There is always going to be a level of inherent danger.

    Source: PETALS
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